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Home Health and Rehabilitation

Welcome to Topeka Visiting Nurses! Our agency is committed to your community's home health needs. We take pride in our long history of providing quality, comprehensive home health care. We look forward to serving you and encourage you to call with any questions or information you might need regarding this new service.

Home Health Care comprises a variety of services to help you maintain independence in the comfort of your own home. We work with you and your doctor to determine the best plan of treatment while helping promote, maintain and restore your health. We provide you with skilled care and a staff of caring professionals focused on your wellbeing and recovery.

Services Offered

Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nursing staff provides wound care, infusion therapy, pain management, diabetic and respiratory care, medication management and education on chronic disease processes. Read More

Skilled nursing helps with dressing changes, infusion therapy, education on chronic disease processes and how to recognize signs of disease exacerbation; diabetic education and teaching.
Skilled Nursing can:
• provide wound care
• administer/teach home infusion therapy
• evaluate medications and provide medication education
• provide acute and chronic disease assessment and management
• provide chronic disease education for diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure and hypertension

Physical Therapy

Through therapeutic exercise, balance activities and ambulation training, our physical therapists help patients regain functional mobility and gross motor skills. Read More

Physical Therapy helps people who experience difficulty with mobility due to pain, arthritis, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's, MS and other diagnoses.
Physical Therapy can:
• teach you ways to improve your joint mobility, muscle strength, physical endurance and balance
• help you improve your independence getting in and out of bed, chair, wheelchair, etc.
• teach you skills to improve your safety and independence with walking and teach you how to use a walker, cane or other assisted device if necessary
• help you improve your wheelchair mobility
• assess your home environment for safety
• apply physical modalities for pain, muscle spasms and improve circulation (ultrasound, electro stimulation, TENS)

Speech Therapy

Our speech language pathologist’s help patients regain their ability to produce and understand speech as well as facilitate communication skills. They also help patients manage swallowing disorders. Read More

Speech Language Pathology helps people who experience difficulty speaking, thinking, remembering, listening, reading, writing and swallowing due to a stroke or neurological disease like Parkinson's, MS or ALS or due to developmental disorders.
Speech Language Pathology can:
• help anyone of any age, infancy through adulthood
• teach ways to compensate for any disorder
• teach lip reading for those hard of hearing
• improve clarity of speech for non-native English speakers
• teach your child sign language as a way to improve communication
• improve swallow safety

Occupational Therapy

By using fine motor, cognitive, perceptual and sensory exercises and tasks, our occupational therapists help patients regain daily living skills. Read More

Occupational Therapy helps people whom due to arthritis, stroke, heart disease, Parkinson's and other common diagnosis experience difficulty with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, cooking, etc.
Occupational Therapy can:
• increase joint mobility, muscle strength and physical endurance
• increase independence in activities of daily living and related self care skills (bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc.)
• assess your environment for modifications and adaptive equipment to increase ease and safety of daily activities
• provide education for work simplification, energy conservation and joint protection
• improve physical modalities for pain and functionality

Medical Social Workers

Medical Social Workers specialize in helping patients and their families manage the stress that can be put on families and connect them with the necessary community resources available to them.

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides (HHA) assist patients in their completion of activities of daily living like bathing, light meal prep and personal care.


Visiting Nurses recently upgraded the telemonitor product line and is now using completely wireless capable units and devices to track critical measurements on fragile or compromised patients. Being able to track daily measurements on patients by transmission to a secure website has shown to greatly decrease re-hospitalization rates and emergency room visits. These results can be sent to the patients' physician for review and enables the physician to make treatment decisions based on trend (multiple data points) data as opposed to a single value that could be due to a diet choice made by the person that day or the evening prior. In addition, any values not within a specified normal range are immediately sent to a RN for immediate review and possible action.

Topeka branch

Topeka home health
“My daughter has now had cataracts removed from both eyes and your nurses are doing the drops on schedule. I want to thank you for making this happen. If you knew the difference it has made, you would be so pleased! You have done a very good thing for a woman who has had a tough life.” Father of a VNA patient in Topeka